Printed or chintz curtains do not require to be unpicked or unlined for cleaning and glazing; but if they are to be friction-calendered, they must be unlined and taken apart in breadths. Lined furnitures, as sofa, chair, or ottoman covers, and hangings which have not been unpicked, must have a strong and good starch, which will require to be well worked into them. Unlined furnitures and linings, which are to be friction-calendered, will only require to be carefully passed through a thin starch; if, however, they are to be glazed, they will require the strong starch the same as the lined furniture. If dried before being starched, all kinds of furniture will take one-fourth less starch, and will also be much stiffer than if starched while wet. Furniture which is to be friction-calendered must, after starching, be wrung across the width, and the ends and edges well shaken out and pulled straight; and they should afterwards be hung up very straight by the ends.

To clean the furniture: Dissolve a bar of soap in 4 gal. boiling water. Put 11/2 gal. of this soap liquor into a vessel containing 4 pails of cold water. This is called the first liquor. Into another vessel put the same proportions of cold water and dissolved soap, for the second liquor; and put the remaining gallon of soap liquor into a third vessel containing 4 pails of cold water. This is the thin soap liquor. Put your furniture into the first soap liquor, and well rub and punch it; wring it out and put it into the second liquor, and well rub, punch, and turn it in this; then wring it out again and pass it into the third or thin liquor to finish, and give it a clean water directly after. Now well rinse it through 3 lots of moderately warm water to take out all the soap; and afterwards starch by well working the starch all through it. When this has been done, well shake it and fold it neatly; when dry, send it to the calico glazers to be finished.

When the furniture is to be friction-calendered, first well punch the print in a tub of clean water, and, while the print is draining, well punch the lining in the same water, and repeat this with a second tub of water. The furniture is then to be cleaned, rinsed, and starched, as above directed; excepting that the print is to be passed first through each soap liquor and rinsing water, and through the starch, and the lining is to follow in the same order.