(1) Take some clean, sifted, white or silver sand, and scatter it on the floor. Dissolve 1 lb. American potash or pearlash, in 1 pint of water, and sprinkle the sand with this solution. Have a pail of very hot water, and well scrub the boards lengthwise with a hard brush, and use the best mottled soap. Change the water frequently. This is the best way to scour and whiten boards. The potash, if applied as directed, will take out all stains. Ink stains may be removed from boards by using either strong vinegar, or salts of lemon. (2) The following will be found useful in cleaning and restoring colour to wooden floors: - 1 part calcinated soda allowed to stand 3/4 hour in 1 part slack lime, then add 15 parts water, and boil.

Spread the solution, thus obtained, upon the floor with a rag, and after drying, rub with hard brush and fine sand and water. A solution of 1 part concentrated sulphuric acid and 8 parts water will enliven the wood after above application. When dry, wash and wax the floor.