(2) 2 1/2 lb. powdered jalap; 1 gal. rectified spirit; digest 4 days, and express the tincture; boil the marc in 2 gal. water until reduced to 1/2 gal.; filter the tincture and decoction separately, and let one distil and the other evaporate until each thickens; mix the two, and complete the evaporation.


Macerate juniper berries in water at 77° to 86° F. (25° to 30° C.) for 24 hours; strain, repeat the process with a fresh quantity of water, mix the liquors, filter, and evaporate.


The external parts of the stalks and the old and yellow leaves, after the plants have flowered, are macerated in water for 24 hours, and decocted for 2 hours; the expressed liquid is first evaporated by a gentle heat, and afterwards spread on shallow dishes, and dried by exposure to a current of air.


8 oz. bruised lobelia seeds, 4 pints dilute alcohol (sp. gr. .935), 1 fl. oz. acetic acid; macerate for 24 hours, and subsequently displace.


1 oz. logwood in chips, 10 oz. boiling distilled water; macerate 24 hours, boil to 5, strain, and evaporate to an extract, but not in iron vessels.


1 oz. tincture of dyers' madder made with rectified spirit, and 3 oz. water.

Male Fern

1 oz.fern root in coarse powder, 2 1/2 oz. ether (or a sufficiency); pack closely in a percolator with 1 oz. of the ether, add the rest at intervals until it passes through colourless; distil off the ether, and the liquid extract remains.


1 oz. lean meat, recently killed, chopped very small; 8 os. cold water; shake well together fox 10 minutes; heat gradually to boiling; let simmer gently for a few minutes; strain through a hair-sieve whilst still hot; evaporate to a soft mass. 1 lb. meat yields barely 1 oz. (Liebig.)


(1) 1 lb. mezereon bark cut small, 8 pints rectified spirit, 1 pint ether; macerate the mezereon in 6 pints of the spirit for 3 days, with frequent agitation; strain and press; add the remainder of the spirit to the residue of the mezereon, and again macerate for 3 days with constant agitation; strain and press. Mix and filter the strained liquors, recover the greater part of the spirit by distillation, evaporate what remains to the consistence of a soft extract, put this in a stoppered bottle with the ether, and macerate for 24 hours, shaking frequently; decant the ethereal solution, recover part of the ether by distillation, and evaporate what remains to the consistence of a soft extract.

(2) 10 oz. mezereon in moderately coarse powder, 16 oz. alcohol ('817); proceed as for fluid extract of cubebs.


Compound. 2 oz. myrrh, 2 dr. gum-arabic powder; triturate, add water enough to form a thick emulsion, and 4 oz. extract of couch-grass.


Dissolve 6 oz. alcoholic extract of the plant in 14 dr. or 2 oz. strong alcohol by trituration in a porcelain mortar; mix with it 30 oz. powdered white sugar, gradually added, with constant stirring; set the mixture in a warm situation until dry; add enough sugar to make up 36 oz.

Nux Vomica. Alcoholic

(1) Soften nux vomica by steam, dry rapidly, and reduce to fine powder; boil with rectified spirit until exhausted; strain, distil off the spirit, and evaporate to the consistence of a soft extract.

(2) 8 oz. nux vomica seeds, 3 pints rectified spirit; expose the seeds to steam until softened, then bruise, slice, dry, and macerate them in § of the spirit for 7 days; express the tincture, and repeat the maceration with the remaining 1/3 of the spirit; again express the liquid; filter the mixed tinctures, distil off the greater part of the spirit, and complete the evaporation by a gentle heat.


(1) 1 oz. pareira root in coarse powder, 10 oz. boiling distilled water; digest the pareira with 1 1/2 oz. water for 24 hours; pack in a percolator, and water till by slow percolation 10 oz. has passed through; evaporate in a water bath to a pilular consistence.

(2) 16 oz. pareira in coarse powder, 160 oz. boiling distilled water, 3 oz. rectified spirit; macerate in 20 oz. water for 24 hours; pack in a percolator, adding more of the water; allow the liquor slowly to pass until 160 oz. have been collected, or the pareira is exhausted; evaporate to 13 oz.; when cold, add the spirit; filter, and make up to 16 oz.


1 pint rectified spirit, 1/2 pint ether; mix; pour gradually on 1 lb. pellitory root in a percolator; afterwards pour on 1 pint alcohol, and subsequently sufficient proof spirit to displace 2 1/2 pints tincture; the latter is either suffered to evaporate spontaneously or by a very gentle heat until a soft extract is obtained.


(1) Compound

4 oz. bruised Carolina pinkroot, 3 oz. senna, 1 dr. savine; pour on 1 qt. boiling water; when cold, add 1/2 pint rectified spirit; digest 24 hours, express (or percolate), filter, evaporate to 12 fl. oz., in which dissolve 1 oz. manna, 8 oz. sugar.

(2) Fluid

1 lb. pinkroot, 3 pints proof spirit; make a tincture, evaporate to 10 fl. oz., add 3/4 lb. sugar and enough rectified spirit to make exactly a pint.

(3) 16 oz. pinkroot, 8 oz. senna (both in coarse powder), 2 pints dilute alcohol (sp. gr. -935); macerate for 2 days; proceed by displacement, adding fresh spirit, until 4 pints have passed through; filter; evaporate to 20 fl. oz.; add 1 oz. carbonate of potash, 1/2 dr. oil of caraway, 1/2 dr. oil of aniseed, (previously triturated with) 24 oz. powdered sugar; apply a gentle heat to dissolve the sugar.


(1) 16 oz. capsules coarsely powdered, 2 oz. rectified spirit, sufficient distilled water; mix the capsules with 40 oz. of the water, stirring frequently for 24 hours; pack in a percolator; pass water slowly through until about 160 oz. have passed; evaporate by a water bath to 20 oz.; when cold add the spirit; after 24 hours, filter, and evaporate to a pilular consistence.