(2) 15 oz. bruised poppy-heads without the seeds, 1 gal. boiled distilled water; macerate 24 hours, boil to 1/2, strain, and complete the evaporation.


1 lb. scraped quassia, sufficient distilled water; macerate the quassia in 8 oz. of water for 12 hours; pack in a percolator; add water till the quassia is exhausted; evaporate, filter before it becomes thick, and again evaporate in a water bath to a proper consistence for pills.


1 oz. rhatany in coarse powder, 15 oz. cold distilled water; macerate 24 hours in 2 oz. of the water; percolate the whole; evaporate by water bath to dryness.


(1) 8 oz. sliced or bruised rhubarb, 5 oz. rectified spirit, 50 oz. distilled water; macerate 4 days; strain, and set to subside; decant the clear, strain, mix, and evaporate to a proper consistence over a water bath at 160° F. (71° C).

(2) Compound

3 dr. extract of rhubarb, 1 dr. extract of aloes, softened with 4 dr. water; evaporate to an extract; dry in a warm place, and powder.

(3) Fluid

Mix 8 oz. rhubarb in coarse powder, with bulk coarse sand, and moisten with dilute alcohol (sp. gr. •935 = 13 u.p.) to form a pasty mass; in a short time introduce it into a percolator, shake until uniformly settled, cover with cloth or paper; pour on the rest of the spirit (the remainder of 2 pints) until the product has little odour or flavour of the root; gently evaporate the tincture to 5 1/2 fl. oz., and add 5 oz. sugar, when the whole should measure 8 fl. oz.


(1) Powdered scammony exhausted with proof spirit, and the resulting tincture distilled until little but water passes over; the remaining water is then poured from the resin, which is next well washed in boiling water and dried at a temperature below 240° F. (115 1/2° C).


(1) Alcoholic - 1 oz. senna in powder, 5 oz. rectified spirit; heat gradually to boiling; let cool; in 24 hours express, strain, and repeat the process with fresh spirit; distil and evaporate.

(2) Fluid

2 1/2 lb. senna in coarse powder, 64 fl. oz. proof spirit; macerate 24 hours; proceed by displacement; subsequently add weak spirit (1 of rectified spirit to 3 of water) until 10 pints of tincture is obtained; evaporate to 1 pint, filter, add 20 oz. sugar and 1 fl. dr. oil of fennel dissolved in 2 fl. dr. compound spirit of ether.


(1) Acetic

2 oz. wood-soot, 1/2 pint distilled vinegar, 1/2 pint water; boil to 16 fl. oz.; filter, evaporate.

(2) Aqueous

2 oz. wood-soot, 1 pint water; as (1).


Acetic - Digest 1 lb. powder of squills in 3 oz. acetic acid, and 1 pint distilled water, with a gentle heat for 48 hours. Express strongly, without straining; evaporate to a proper consistence.


Macerate 16 oz. stil-lingia in fine powder with 12 oz. rectified spirit, 3 oz. glycerine, and 1 oz. water, for 4 days in a closed percolator; proceed as for cotton root.


(1) Pack coarsely-powdered stramonium seeds in a percolator; pass about their own weight of washed ether slowly through; remove the ether, and set aside; pour over proof spirit until the seeds are exhausted; distil off the spirit; evaporate the residue by a water bath to pilular consistence.

(2) 15 oz. stramonium seeds, 1 gal. boiling distilled water; macerate for 4 hours in a vessel lightly covered, near the fire; afterwards take out the seeds,bruise them in a stone mortar, and return them to the liquor; then boil down to 4 pints, strain whilst hot, and evaporate.


Crush fresh dandelion root, press out the juice, and allow it to deposit; heat the clear liquor to 212° F. (100° C), and maintain the temperature for 10 minutes; then strain, and evaporate by a water bath at a temperature not exceeding 160° F. (71° C.) to a proper consistence.

Tobacco. Alcoholic

1 lb. tobacco leaves, 2 lb. spirit (sp. gr. .900); digest in a warm place for some days, express strongly, and again digest in a mixture of 1 lb. each of water and spirit (.900) for 24 hours; again press out the liquor, and evaporate the strained and mixed liquors in a vapour bath at a temperature not exceeding 167° F. (75° C).

Valerian.. - Fluid

12 fl. oz. rectified spirit; mix, add 8 oz. valerian in coarse powder, digest and percolate, adding subsequently spirit (at or near proof) until 16 fl. oz. of tincture have passed through; let this evaporate spontaneously, in a shallow vessel, until reduced to 5 fl. oz.; in the meantime add fresh spirit to the mass in the percolator until 10 fl. oz. more of the tincture are obtained, which add to the above residue of the evaporation, dissolving any oleo-resinous deposit in a little rectified spirit, and adding it to the rest; filter, and add sufficient rectified spirit to make the whole measure 16 fl. oz.


1 oz. wormseed, 4 oz. ether; digest 3 or 4 days, press, filter, distil off 4/5, and evaporate the residue to a proper consistence.