(1) Alcoholic

(a) 16 oz. bruised sarsaparilla, 2 oz. bruised liquorice root, 2 oz. rasped guaiacum wood, 2 oz. sliced sassafras bark, 6 dr. sliced mezereon, 7 pints spirit (sp. gr. •935 = 13u.p.); digest 14 days, express, filter, evaporate to 12 fl. oz., add 8 oz. sugar; as soon as this is dissolved, withdraw the heat.

(6) 16 oz. sarsaparilla, 2 oz. liquorice root, 2 oz. sassafras, 360 gr. mezereon, all in fine powder; 4 oz. glycerine, 8 oz. rectified spirit, 4 oz. water; macerate in a closed percolator for 4 days; let the percolation commence, and finish it by adding diluted alcohol (equal volumes of alcohol at .835 and water) until 2 pints have been obtained. Reserve the first 12 oz., having added 4 oz. glycerine to the remainder of the percolate, which evaporate to 6 oz., and mix with the reserved portion.

(2) Compound

30 lb. coarse guaia-cum shavings, 24 lb. Italian juice, 6 lb. mezereon root, boiled with sufficient water for 1 hour; the decoction is drawn off, and the boiling repeated with fresh water 2nd and 3rd time; the mixed decoctions are allowed to deposit for 6 or 8 hours, and the clear portion decanted and strained through flannel; the liquid is now reduced to the consistence of treacle; 9 lb. extract of sarsaparilla is added, and the evaporation conducted at a considerably lower temperature until near its completion, when the remaining evaporation is conducted at the expense of the heat retained by the metal of the pan; when nearly cold, and just before removing the extracts to the pots, 2 dr. essential oil of sassafras, dissolved in 1 qt. rectified spirit, is added, and quickly but completely stirred in.

(3) 16 oz. Jamaica sarsaparilla cut transversely, 280 oz. distilled water at 160° F. (71° C), 1 oz. rectified spirit; macerate in 1/2 the water for 6 hours, and decant the liquor; digest the residue in the remainder of the water for 6 hours more,mix the liquors, express, and filter; evaporate by a water bath to 7 oz., or until it has a sp. gr. of 1.130; when cold, add the spirit.

(4) 3 1/2 lb. sarsaparilla, 3 gal. distilled water; boil to 12 pints, pour off the liquor, and strain whilst hot; again boil the sarsaparilla in 2 gal. water to 1/2, and strain; evaporate the mixed liquors to 18 fl. oz.; when cold, add 2 fl. oz. rectified spirit.

(5) 1 lb. sarsaparilla, 4 pints boiling water; digest 2 hours; bruise the root, boil for 2 hours, filter, and express the liquid; repeat the coction with 2 pints water, as before; evaporate the mixed liquids to the consistence of a thin syrup, and when cold enough add sufficient rectified spirit to make up 16 fl. oz.

(6) 1 lb. sarsaparilla; proceed as before; add sufficient rectified spirit to make the product up to 20 fl. oz.