This rare metal occurs in a few uncommon minerals, in the following approximate proportions, calculated as 6xide (Ce2O2):-61 Per cent. in cerite, 12 1/2 in orthite, 8 1/2 in wohlerite, and 2f in gadolinite. It may be prepared in quantity in the compact form by electrolysis of the chloride. Its sp. gr. is 6.628 to 6.728; it has the hardness of calcspar, and can be hammered, rolled, and (warm) drawn into wire; its colour and lustre resemble those of iron, but, though fairly permanent in dry air, tarnish in moist air, passing through yellow and blue "to green tints; its melting-point ranges between those of silver and antimony; 3 it ignites more readily and burns with greater brilliancy than magnesium; it resists cold concentrated nitric and sulphuric acids, but dissolves in hydrochloric and in dilute sulphuric acid.____ _____