This is another member of the cerium group of metals. About 5 1/2 Per cent. of its oxide is present in orthite, 3 1/2 in cerite, and 3 1/4 in gadolinite. Its separation from the associated metals is a very difficult matter. Mosander obtained the metal as a grey powder by heating the chloride with potassium; and Hillebrand and Norton procure it in globules by electrolysing the fused chloride. The metal oxidizes slowly in water and in nitric acid, whether concentrated or dilute; it dissolves in hydrochloric and in dilute sulphuric acid, but not in cold concentrated sulphuric acid; its sp. gr. is 6.163, and its colour is iron - grey; it takes a high polish, but soon tarnishes; it burns brightly in a flame, and ignites in chlorine gas; finally, it can be hammered into foil, but not drawn into wire.