Neatsfoot - oil is the best kind of grease for this purpose, (g) Get new carbons, made out of gas - retort " scurfing," as it is called, then prepare the ends that are out of the solution, thus: - Thoroughly scrape the top of the carbon, fit nicely on a piece of sheet platinum like an inverted V, fix the binding - screw on tightly, and then coat the carbon and connection (previously well warming both) with shellac varnish or Brunswick - black. As to the zinc connection, do not use a binding - screw at all near the cell, drill the zinc, and insert a tinned iron wire, or twist it round the rod and well solder it, then warm, as you do the carbon, and coat with the Brunswick - black. Do all connections with binding - screws fixed to a frame, say 10 or 12 in. away from the cells, where the fumes cannot well reach them.' Do not wet the carbons or zincs when putting the solution in - i.e. that portion which is not intended to be in - and do not fill the jars above 2/3 full.