White Alloy

This compound can be turned, filed, and bored; does not adhere to the mould, and will retain its polish a long time after exposure to the air. Contains 10 cast-iron, 10 copper, 80 zinc.

Alloys For Medals, Coins, Etc

Kraft's alloy: melting point,219° F. (104° C); contains 5 bismuth, 2 lead, 1 tin.

.Homberg's alloy: melting point, 251 1/2° F. (122° C.); contains 3 bismuth, 3 lead, 3 tin.

Rose's alloy: melting point, 199° F. (93° C.); contains 2 bismuth, 2 lead, 2 tin.

Amalgam For Coating Plastic Castings

1 part tin, 1 mercury, 1 bismuth. The mercury is mixed with the white of an egg, and added to the tin and bismuth when they are thoroughly melted and blended. The alloy while still hot forms a pasty liquid, which should be applied with a brush. (Guttier.)