At a recent meeting of the London and Provincial Photographic Association, W. Turner gave the following as his method of making paper negatives: The picture or drawing to be copied is made translucent by means of lard diluted with turpentine - 1 part lard to 3 of turpentine, the mixture is then boiled for 3 minutes, which kills the grease, and it is then rubbed over the drawing. When the surface is dry, the drawing is placed in a printing frame with sensitised silver paper, and a negative is made, which is fixed in an old hypo bath rich in silver, and washed in the usual way.

The plain paper is prepared by floating Saxe paper on the following: -

Sodium chloride .. .. 200 gr.

Gelatine........30 gr.

Water .. ......20 oz.

Dissolve the gelatine and chloride separately, and mix; float 3 minutes. When dry, sensitise by floating 1-2 minutes on the following: -

Silver nitrate...... 1 oz.

Citric acid ...... 1 dr.

Water ........ 14 oz.

He states that the paper will keep good for 6 weeks.