Some substances are applicable to the preservation of most metallic surfaces, and may therefore be mentioned before dealing with those which can be applied only with discrimination. Such may be said to consist chiefly of solid hydro carbons in combination with liquid hydrocarbons, etheric or fatty oils. Amongst the solid hydrocarbons, pre ferably india-rubber, paraffin, and ozo-kerit are used; whilst among the liquid hydrocarbons and oils, rectified petroleum, ligroine, and turpentine-oil are preferably applied for the manufacture of the above composition. A valuable combination is produced by melting 1 part of paraffin under moderate heat (about 150° F.) in a closed vessel, and by then adding and mixing 2-4 parts of rectified petroleum, ligroine, or turpentine-oil, with the melted paraffin. According to the greater or lesser quantity of liquid which is added, the consistency of the composition varies. It can be applied to the surface of the metals by means of a stiff brush.