New Edition With a Section on Water Tube Boilers. Practical Instruction for Young Engineers and Steam Users.


Synopsis of Contents.

Cleaning the boiler, removing scale, scale preventers, oil in boilers, braces ana stays, mud drums and feed pipes, boiler fittings, grate bars and tubes, bridge walls, the slide valve, throttling engine, the piston, testing the slide valve with relation to the ports, defects of the slide valve, lap and lead, the pressure on a slide valve, stem connections to the valve, valves off their seats, valve stem guides, governors, running with the sun, eccentrics and connections, the crank pin, brass boxes, bearings on pins, adjustment of bearings, the valve and gearing, setting eccentrics, the actual operation, return crank motion, pounding, the connections, lining up engines, making joints, condensing engines, Torricelli's vacuum, proof of atmospheric pressure, pumps, no power in a vacuum, supporting a water column by the atmosphere, starting a new plant, etc, etc.

Water tube boilers, fire tube boilers, why water tube boilers steam rapidly, torpedo boat boilers, management of water tube boilers, economy and maintenance of water tube boilers, different types of water tube boilers. 160 pages, illustrated, 12mo, cloth, $1.00.