A Handbook on the Care and Management o Boilers. By KARL P. DAHLSTROM, M.E.

Contents of Chapters.

I. Firing and Economy of Fuel, - Precautions before and after starting the fire. care, of the fire, proper firing, draft, smoke, progress of firing, fuel on the grate, cleaning out, cleaning grate bars and ash pan, dampers, firing into two or more furnaces, dry fuel, loss of heat.

II. Feed and Water Line. - Feeding, the water line, false water line, defective feeding apparatus, formation of scale, guage cocks, glass guage, the float, safety plug, alarm whistle.

III. Low water and Foaming or Priming. - Precautions when water is low, foaming, priming.

IV. Steam Pressure . - Steam gauge, safety valves.

V- Cleaning And Blowing Out

Cleaning the boiler, to examine the state of the boiler, blowing out, refilling the boiler.

VI. General Directions, - How to prevent accidents, repairs, the care of the boiler when not in use, testing boilers, trimming and cleaning outside. Summary of rules. Index. 8vo, cloth, 80 ceats.