A Work of Reference for Engineers and others Employed in the Management of Ice and Refrigeration Machinery, BY ILTYD I. REDWOOD,

Assoc, Mem. Am. Soc. of M. E.; Mem. Soc. Chem. Indus. Eng.


B. T. U. Mechanical Equivalent of a Unit of Heat. Specific Heat. Effect of Pressure on Specific Heat of Ammonia Gas. Specific Heat of Air with Constant Pressure. Specific Heat of Air with Constant Volume. Latent Heat. Latent Heat of Liquefaction. Latent Heat of Vaporization. Latent Heat of Water. Absolute pressure. Absolute Temperature. Absolute Zero. Effect of Pressure on Volume of Gases. Theory of Refrigeration. Freezing by Compressed Air. Freezing by Ammonia. Characteristics of Ammonia. Explosiveness. Tendency of the Gas to Rise. Solubility in Water. Action on Copper. 26° Ammonia. Anhydrous Ammonia. The Compressor. Stuffing. Boxes.

' Special Lubrication. Oil for Lubrication. Clearance Space, etc. Suction and Discharge Valves. Effect of Excessive Valve-Lift. Regulation of Valve-Lift. Separator, Condenser, Condenser-Worm, Receiver. Refrigerator or Brine Tank. Size of Pipe and Area of Cooling Surface. Expansion Valves. Working Details - Charging the Plant with Ammonia. Jacket-Water for Compressor. Jacket-Water for Separator. Quantity of Condensing Water Necessary. Loss due to Heating of Condensed Ammonia. Superheating Ammonia Gas. Cause of Variation in Excess Pressure. Use of Condensing Pressure in Determining Loss of Ammonia by Leakage. Cooling Directly by Ammonia. Brine. Freezing Point of Brine. Effect of Composition on Freezing Point. Effect of Strength on Freezing Point. Suitableness of the Brine. Making Brine. Specific Heat of Brine. Regulation of Brine Temperature. ' Indirect Effect of Condensing Water on Brine Temperature. Directions for Determining Refrigerating Efficiency. Equivalent of a Ton of Ice. Compressor Measurement of Ammonia Circulated. Loss of Well-Jacketed Compressors. Loss in Double Acting Compressors. Distribution of Mercury Wells. Examination of Working Parts. Indicator Diagrams. Ammonia Figures - Effectual Displacement Volume of Gas. Ammonia Circulated per Twenty-Four Hours. Refrigerating Efficiency. Brine Figures - Gallons Circulated. Pounds Circulated. Degrees Cooled.

Total Degrees Extracted. Loss due to Heating of Ammonia Gas. Loss due to Heating of liquid Ammonia. Calculation of the Maximum Capacity of a Machine. Preparation of Anhydrous Ammonia. Construction of Apparatus. Condenser-Worm. Why Still isworked under Pressure. Best Test for Ammonia. Water from Separators. Lime for Dehydrator. Yield of Anhydrous from 26° Ammonia. Index.

150 Pages, 15 Illustrations and 24 Pages of Tables.

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