[Drawn for this work by L. W. Truesdell, Tinman, Owego, N. Y.] Original.

Fig. 21.

Span the dividers any distance you wish, and place one foot on the circumference AB, and describe the semicircumferences CD, EF, GH, and IK, and through the points of their intersection PQ and RS, draw two indefinite lines LM and NO; the point of their intersection T, will be the centre desired.

How To Find The Centre Of A Circle From A Part Of  21

Sector, For Obtaining Angles

Fig. 22.

Sector For Obtaining Angles 22

Sector, a portion of a circle comprehended between any two radii and their intercepted arcs. - Similar Sectors are those whose radii include equal angles.

To find the area of a sector. Say as 360° is to the degrees, etc, in the arc of the sector, so is the area of the whole circle to the area of the sector. Or multiply the radius by the length of the arc, and half the product will be the area.