In Fig. 287, let D E F be the elevation of a triangular panel or other article, surrounding which is a molding of the profile, shown at G and G1. Construct an elevation of the panel molds, as shown by ABC, and draw the miter lines A D, B E and C F. For the patterns of the several sides proceed as follows: Draw a profile, G, placing it in correct relative position to the side D F, as shown. Divide it into any convenient number of parts in the usual manner, and through these points draw lines, as shown, cutting the miter lines F C and A D. In like manner place the profile G1 in a corresponding position relative to the side E F. Divide it into the same number of parts, and draw lines intersecting those drawn from the first profile in the line F C, also cutting the line E B. By this operation points are obtained in the three miter lines A D, E B, F C, from which to lay off the patterns in the usual manner. At right angles to each of the three sides, at convenient points, draw stretchout lines, as shown by H I, H1 I1 and H2 F2, through the points in which draw the usual measuring lines. With the T-square parallel to each of the several stretchout lines, or, what is the same, at right angles to the respective sides, bringing the blade successively against the points in the several miter lines, cut the corresponding measuring lines, all as indicated by the dotted lines. Then lines traced through the points of intersection thus obtained will describe the patterns required. A1 C F1 D1 will be the pattern for the side A D F C of the elevation, and likewise C2 B2 E2 F2 is the pattern for the side described by similar letters.

Fig. 287.   The Patterns of the Moldings Bounding a Triangular Panel.

Fig. 287. - The Patterns of the Moldings Bounding a Triangular Panel.

Placing another profile in the molding A B D E would, if divided the same as the others, only result in another set of intersections at the points already existing on the lines A D and B E, as occurred on the line F C, hence to save labor one profile in this case is all that is really necessary, the points being carried around from that and dropped into the three stretchouts respectively.