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Metalwork Books

Books on metal work

-A Practical Workshop Companion For Tin, Sheet Iron, And Copper Plate Workers | by Leroy J. Blinn
Containing rules for describing various kinds of patterns used by tin, sheet iron, and copper plate workers; practical geometry; mensuration of surfaces and solids; tables op the weights of metals, lead pipe, etc.; tables of areas and circumferences of circles; japans, varnishes, lackers, cements, compositions, etc., etc., etc.
-Applied Science For Metal Workers | by William H. Dooley
This book and its companion volume for the wood-working trades, first cover the general principles of science common to all industry, this material Being identical in the two books. Additional material follows this, that relating specifically to the metal trades appearing in this volume, and that relating particularly to the wood-working trades appearing in "Applied Science for Wood-Workers." The books are constructed in this way to meet the needs of particular industrial, trade, continuation, or apprentice classes where the instruction is intensive.
-Elementary Metal Work | by Charles Godfrey Leland
A Practical Manual For Amateurs And For Use In Schools
-Practical Sheet And Plate Metal Work | by Evan A. Atkins
For the use of boilermakers, braziers, coppersmiths, ironworkers, plumbers, sheet metalworkers, tinsmiths, white-smiths, zincworkers, and others who require a knowledge of the working up of metals or development of surfaces.
-Machines And Tools Employed In The Working Of Sheet Metals | by R. B. Hodgson
The scarcity of the literature on Presses and Press Tools is in itself sufficient justification for the publication of these articles, which appeared originally, at intervals, in the columns of The Practical Engineer, and are now published in book form at the request of many readers. The production of tools for the working of sheet metals is a distinctly separate branch from that of engine-fitting and general machine work. It is therefore difficult for an engineer to thoroughly grasp the work of the press-tool maker, unless he has had an opportunity of closely watching the tool work in progress and the subsequent operations performed by the tools in the production of numerous articles made from sheet metals.
-The New Metal Worker Pattern Book | by George Watson Kittredge
A complete and systematic course of instruction in the modern methods of developing and cutting the patterns for sheet metal work
-Welding And Cutting Metals By Aid Of Gases Or Electricity | by L. A. Groth
An examination of the various methods existing for the production and liquefaction of combustible gases, of their easy application and economical advantages, and of the phenomenal advance during the last three years in their adaptation to an immense variety of metallurgical and engineering operations, which have hitherto been carried out under less favourable conditions, proves that compressed gases have become an indispensable factor in almost every branch of industry.
-The Tinman's Manual And Builder's And Mechanic's Handbook | by Isaac Ridler Butt
Designed For Tinmen, Japanners, Coppersmiths, Engineers, Mechanics, Builders, Millwrights, Smiths, Masons, Carpenters, Joiners, Slaters, Plasterers, Painters, Glaziers, Pavers, Plumbers, Surveyors, Gaugers, etc; with Compositions and Receipts for other useful and important purposes in the Practical Arts.
-Notes On Construction In Mild Steel | by Henry Fidler
Arranged for the use of junior draughtsmen in the architectural and engineering professions with illustrations from working drawings, diagrams, and tables.
-Welding Theory, Practice, Apparatus And Tests Electric, Thermit And Hot-Flame Processes | by Richard N. Hart
In spite of the numerous data on the theory, practice, apparatus, and tests of welding contained in the trade journals and metallurgical books, no previous attempt has been made to present this data in sequence under one cover. But in the last fifteen years the subject has begun to be of interest and importance. The electric, thermit, and hot-flame processes are welding all of the metals and are doing repeat and repair work that has never before been attempted. New brazing methods have also been successfully tried out and the range of good solders greatly increased.
-Do It Yourself With Aluminum. 125 Projects For The Home Craftsman | by Author: G. W. Birdsall
This book presents a wealth of shop kinks and short cuts to help the home craftsman get the most out of that fascinating new material, Do-It-Yourself Aluminum. Here are recommended methods for fabricating this metal with the ordinary woodworking tools found in any home workshop.

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