A HANDBOOK OF PLANT FORM FOR STUDENTS OF DESIGN. By Ernest E. Clark, Art Master, Derby Technical College. Containing 100 Plates (size 10 1/2 x 7 1/2 in.), illustrating 61 varieties of Plants with numerous figures in the text, comprising in all 800 Illustrations. With an Introductory Chapter on Design, Notes on the Plants, and a Glossary of Botanical Terms. Large 8vo, cloth, price 5s. net.

ETUDE DE LA PLANTE, son Application aux Industries d'Art. By M. P. Verneuil. Comprising 120 Drawings of Natural Plants and 280 Conventional Designs all coloured after Water-colour Drawings, with French text. Large 4to, cloth, price 2 10s. net.

FLOWERS AND THEIR DECORATIVE DESIGN. By Professor G. Fraipont. A Series of examples, delicately printed in colours, entitled "Decorations Florales." Comprising 20 full-page Plates (15 in. x II in.), with 20 examples of the natural flower, and over 100 decorative compositions. 4to, in cloth portfolio, price 12s. 6d. net.


ENAMELLING. A Comparative Account of the Development and Practice of the Art. For the Use of Artists, Craftsmen, Students, etc. By Lewis F. Day, Author of " Pattern Design," "Ornament and its Application," "Alphabets," etc. Containing 214 Pages of Text, with 115 Illustrations, reproduced from Special Drawings and Photographs. Demy 8vo, cloth gilt, price 7s. 6d. net.

The plan of Mr. Lewis Day's new book is not quite that of any other work on Enamelling. It does not set out to be a learned history of the subject, though it endeavours to put into concise and easily intelligible form the gist of what learned historians have to tell us. Neither does it pretend to teach the beginner how to enamel, though it goes very thoroughly into the processes employed. What it does undertake is, first, to show what has been done and where it was done ; and, secondly, to explain how it was done, and why it was done so. The result is a very comprehensive survey of the course of enamelling, both as an art in itself and as a branch of the jeweller's craft. The book should appeal to all who practise enamelling, and to those who only take an interest in it.

PATTERN DESIGN. A Book for Students, treating in a practical way of the Anatomy, Planning, and Evolution of Repeated Ornament. By Lewis F. Day. Containing 300 pages of text, with upwards of 300 Illustrations, chiefly from drawings by the author. Demy 8vo, cloth gilt, price 7s. 6d. net.

" Every line and every illustration in this book should be studied carefully and continually by everyone having any aspiration toward designing. It would probably be going a little too far to assert that anyone studying this book throughout would become designer, but it is certainly a fact that designing would be rendered comparatively easy to those having a complete knowledge of its contents ; while it is equally true that the best artists could not produce designs of any value unless they understood the principles so clearly explained and admirably illustrated in this work." - The Decorator.

"The book is a serious contribution to the question of pattern designing, and is written expressly for the designer. It may be strongly commended to all who are studying the designing of textiles or wall papers, as the counsel it gives is the result of long years of experience." - The Journal of Decorative Art.

ORNAMENT AND ITS APPLICATION. A Book for Students, treating in a practical way of the Relation of Design to Material, Tools, and Methods of Work. By Lewis F. Day. Containing 320 pages, with about 300 full-page and other Illustrations of Decorative Objects and Ornament, reproduced from photographs and drawings. Demy 8vo, cloth gilt, price 8s. 6d. net.

Mr. Walter Crane in the Manchester Guardian. - "The author brings not only his extensive knowledge of historic styles, but also the results of his ripe and varied practical experience as a designer to the exposition of the nature of ornament itself, and the necessary conditions of its design. His illustrations are extremely rich and varied. . . . The work can be confidently commended as a most workmanlike and accomplished treatise not only to all students of design, but to artists and craftsmen generally."

" It bears the unmistakable impress of originality and practical utility ... It deals with its subject far more fully than any previous publication, whilst the numerous excellent illustrations will be an invaluable aid to teacher and student." - The Studio.