Materials For Practice

Gingham or other Cotton Material. 12x4 Inches.

Cotton, No. 60-80.

Needle, 9-10.

Take a piece of material 12x4 inches. Fold it together with the wrong side out so that the two ends exactly meet. Stitch a narrow seam along each side beginning at the bottom of the bag and continuing until within 2 1/2 inches of the top. Overcast raw edges of the seams. The rest of the way to the top of the bag hem the four sides separately in narrow hems. Turn the tops down to the side seams and hem neatly. Run a casing in 1/4 of an inch above the hem. Put a narrow linen tape through the casing, beginning at the hemmed edges on one side. Draw the ends of the tape out on one side and fasten together by turning in the raw edges, lapping the ends one over the other and overhanding the parts together. Put a second tape in from the opposite side and complete it as the other. The bag is drawn together by pulling on the two strings at once. Another way to finish the bag is to put a series of rings on the inside of the hem and run the tape through these in place of a casing.


A lesson on the bag should be supplemented by a discussion of various sorts of bags and their methods of construction. Where bags are needed for school purposes the children can supply that need. Boys may make marble bags of galatea, while the girls are making button or work-bags of other materials. Variations in the way of completing the bags will add interest.