As an ornamental finish on material and for marking linen. Rule. - The stitch is made vertically and should be very regular. It is in the form of the links of a chain. (Fig. 41.) The needle is put back into the material in the same place, from which it came out. One stitch is taken directly below the other (toward the worker) and the thread is caught under the needle with each stitch. (In this way it resembles both the feather-stitch and the blanket-stitch.) Chain-stitch machines reproduce this appearance. The position is the same as in feather-stitching, but in each stitch the thread is held in place by the thumb. (Fig. 41.) Begin and end as in feather-stitching. The stitch must not be drawn too tightly.


(See Practice, Feather-Stitching.)


The stitch may be utilized in the classes on such articles as towels, napkins, bags, underclothing and face cloths, where a letter can be drawn and the chain stitch used for outlining it. Cotton in fast colors should be used for this marking, and the stitch should be made small.

Fig. 41.   Chain Stitching.

Fig. 41. - Chain Stitching.