The girls continue their domestic art work, the boys their woodwork. AIM. How to help in the home, to keep things in order and supply needs.

I. As related to home.

Activities: emergency box and supplies, flannel bag; bandages; absorbent cotton; mustard plaster and other needs.

Study of each student's own room; neckties; collars; laun-dry, shoe and other bags; cane seating, crochetting wash cloth.

II. As related to industrial life.

The study of leading materials for clothing, what they are like and the value and cost.

The three final grades are ready for good, useful work. They have passed the play age and appreciate their ability to do things of practical service. They can now work hard on finer handwork. The vocational element of preparing for life, be it home or trade, is stronger each year. Thought and responsibility are fostered.

CORRELLATION. Constantly present but more indirect in the academic subjects than in early grades. History, comparing life of girls in Colonial days with modern life in apartments; slavery times, hand-weaving; vocational ideas - the girl in the home and at work. Arithmetic problems of quantity, cost and use of spending money. The art work is directly utilized in designs for the handwork.