The girls often leave the school after this grade to become wage earners. The sewing machine work is given to aid them in the home or in business. A light-running machine should be provided.

AIM. To give interest and skill in woman's work.

1. To review stitches learned in lower grades; needlebook and pincushion. Sewing machines; knowing the parts, keeping in order, running. To prepare for cooking classes; apron, cuffs and cap. To prepare for laundry work; ironing board cover. For personal use; petticoat of outing flannel. Knitting: wash cloths, wristlets, simple baby sack. Repairing; stocking darning, patching of clothing and table linen.

II. Industrial life in form of discussions: healthful and good clothing; study of materials; inventors who changed the world through textile ideas - Whitney, Arkwright, Hargreaves, Crompton.