Application Of The Principles Of Dress Construction

Dressmaking is a subject for the high school rather than for elementary education. Some experience of it, though, is well in the seventh and eighth school years, especially in some localities. The pupils are thus enabled to be of use at home and in case they do not continue their education into the high school, but must go to work early, the experience may help them in their business life. Doll's and children's clothing and the making over of garments offer opportunities for using some of these principles. Simple clothing can be brought from home or the entire class can work together on one garment (either new or old). This can later be used for exhibit or be devoted to some worthy object. If the higher grades have some practice in these principles the practice pieces will not be necessary in the high school, for the pupils can go to work immediately on their own garments.

In making and repairing garments in the home a knowledge is needed of accepted ways of sewing certain parts. It is well for the teacher of sewing to give attention to this even if she does not expect to teach regular dressmaking. There are many ways of doing these necessary parts of garments, but it is only possible in the following suggestions to give a few of these. Work of this kind requires great care. The stitches need not be as small and accurate as in plain sewing, but they must be strong and firm. Success depends on the careful handling of the material that it may not be stretched, on the accurate union of parts and on the all-important pressing.