President Of

The Women's Educational And Industrial Union And Professor

Of Household Economics In Simmons College

Trade Schools and Culture, 7 pages, ........ .. .05

Trade Schools, 10 pages, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .05

Relative Value and Cost of Various Trades in a Girls'Trade School, 14 pages, .05

Training the Youngest Girls for Wage Earners, 7 pages, .. .05

The Making of a Trade School. Whitcomb & Barrows, Boston, 101 pages, .50

A SCHOOL LOOM; to Illustrate the Process of Weaving, .. 1.50

For Sale In Household Arts Department, Teachers College,


Going To Buffalo And The Falls?

Better Read Up On The Way. Get The

Index Guide to Buffalo and Niagara Falls

By FREDERIK A. FERNALD, formerly editor of Appletons' Dictionary of New York.

224 pages, l6mo. with 80 illustrations. Price in cloth, 50 cents, postage 8 cents; in paper 25 cents, postage 5 cents.

This a regular little cyclopedia of Buffalo and vicinity-a guide to visitors, a counselor and friend to new residents and old.

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