On a doll's dress or garment in place of a buttonhole or as a hanger for a bag the stitch being made over a brass ring.


Where a metal eye would not be attractive in certain garments, a silk loop is made to catch the hook. Loops are also used to take the place of buttonholes to stay the end of a placket, or to hold two folds of cloth together.


Determine the size of the loop necessary for the hook or button and the place it should occupy. Fasten the thread securely without a knot if possible, take three or four strands of stitches back and forth on the garment, leaving them loose enough to catch the hook or button. Fasten securely at the opposite end that they may bear the strain to be put upon them. Make the buttonhole stitch or the blanket stitch over the strands. (See Blanket Stitch.)


(See Practice-Buttonholes.)