Object teaching is an important factor in the schools, and the teacher of sewing will find samples of her own hand work will greatly assist her in giving correct ideas of construction to her pupils.

Leaves for mounting finished work are inserted in the Interleaved Edition of this book. The teacher or normal student may fasten on the bristol-board leaves the articles or models made by her. Care should be taken to arrange them effectively. The McGills paper fasteners, No. AA1, are more satisfactory than paste, and two samples can often be placed on one page. Some soft colored paper, pasted carefully on the bristol-board improves the appearance of the articles made of white material. One sample can combine a number of stitches; illustrations of this are a small towel with a hemstitched border and marked with initials in cross-stitch, with a loop of tape to hang it up; or a flannel skirt in which stitching, hemming, herringbone, putting on a band, a button-hole and sewing on a button are all used.