The following suggestions for applying the stitches are given to help teachers to plan courses of work. Real articles and garments are mentioned in the hope that these will be used in place of models of stitches. These various things can be made by the children while they are learning the stitches and with the minimum of practice. It is more important that they learn to be constructive along useful lines, with a few stitches, than that they should continue to learn new stitches only. It is not necessary for the teacher to make every one of these articles, but she should make some of them and place them in an interleaved copy of the Sewing Course. They will thus be an incentive to the pupils. Each teacher, however, should herself make any article or garment which she plans to give her pupils. The current magazines dealing with home problems will also help her in choosing her course of instruction, for they give description of the way to construct many useful as well as fancy articles. As the manner of making and the decoration changes continually, according to prevailing fashion, only a few articles which are not apt to be thus affected are described in detail in the following pages. Patterns of articles and clothing in large and small sizes can easily be obtained.