The careful student of the trend of educational thought in the present day is impressed with the idea that it is as necessary to provide in the schools for some form of hand work as it is for academic study. From this point of view, sewing and attendant forms of household industries may be valuable, as they can present strong sociological, economic and ethical arguments for their introduction. It is not a question of preparing for a trade, it is to give mental and moral strength, to increase appreciation for the true and the beautiful, and to develop a love of doing and a desire to do for others.

This second edition of the " Sewing Course" is sent out with many added suggestions to teachers, on means of cultivating the thought, will and judgment of the classes, and for obtaining results in creative self-activity, which will help the child more capably to take his place in society.

Mary Schenck Woolman,

Director of Domestic Art, Teachers College. New York, June, 1900.