Materials For Practice

Dimity, Nainsook or

Barred Muslin. 5x6 1/2 Inches. 6x1 Inch (band). 6x1 1/4 Inch (2 pieces for strings).

Cotton, No. 100.

Needle, No. 11.

Put 1/8 men hems along the 5-inch sides of the muslin. Take a 3/4 inch hem at the bottom. Gather and stroke the top (see Running Stitch). Prepare the band for a Stitched Band (see Putting on Band). Draw the top of the apron in to 3 inches, stitch it to the center of the band, hem down the other side of the band to the gathers and overhand the sides of the band to the end. (See Application of Stitches-Aprons.) The strings may be prepared by putting narrow hems on the long edges and turning 1/2 inch hems at one end, the other ends will be inserted in the bands.

This apron should apply some of the fancy stitches. A whipped hem ruffle can be overhanded to the bottom; hemstitching can be used in place of hemming or the hems can all be held down with feather stitching. Each child should select her own method of finishing her apron. The materials are given for a doll's apron, but the teacher must use her discretion in giving a full-sized apron in place of the small one.