Many qualities unite in the making of a good teacher. Her personality is most important, for her physical, mental and moral influence is ever moulding her pupils, even without her conscious effort. Her special training should be of the best. Its foundation should be cultural, supplemented by a knowledge of the problems of modern education, and by the ideals of her own Household Arts field. She should also have ample technical skill and experience. Without a professional preparation, she is too much handicapped to accomplish all that is possible in this branch of education. Furthermore, the spirit which she brings to her work will determine largely the character of her success. Much possible good will be unat-tained if her aim is simply to inspire her classes to complete a series of good models, or even of useful articles. Supplementary ideals are needed to make her pupils efficient for good in the world. Such ideals will require her to study the needs, characteristics and environment of her pupils, that she may develop thoughtful, responsible workers who have a worthy purpose to carry out. She must gradually bring them in touch with the problems of industrial workers also, that they may have an increasing desire to themselves lend a hand in the world's work. A teacher well prepared in her subject, with an ethical aim such as the above, will find the children in her classes growing into active, dependable women.