Age : 11-13 Years

The slip-bodice makes a suitable base.

Comparison of the different ways of joining, reference to the wear and tear of textures, interest and exercise the reasoning faculty.

The technique depends on the developing skill of the hand, and in this exercise a nicety the child pines for is asked; and coupled with the memory of its own anticipations, this exercise is an unfailing joy and success.

Methad - Turn the wrong sides (the fluffy sides) of the back and fronts towards the worker.

Place the two fronts to the back piece - right and left side respectively - with the back edge 1/8 inch higher than the front edge (Diag. 63).

Tack both sides, then commence with a strong back stitch and run, i.e. lifting exactly the quantity of material passed over, say 1/8 inch to

Lesson XVIII Run And Fell 66

Diag. 63.

1/10h, along to the end of the seam, when again a strong"back stitch should finish off the thread.

Next fold the extra \ inch of the back over the front edge and turn flat down for hemming (Diag. 64).

This seam appeals to the child as only being suitable for lighter weights of calicoes, linens, and washing silks. It is equally suitable in garments and household equipments where there is small strain.