A method best suited to working on muslin or other transparent fabrics, is merely herring-boning stitched closely together on the wrong side of the material, so that it gives on the right side a neat outline of small stitches with a padded appearance on the surface enclosed by them. Diag. 154 shows the wrong and right side of a leaf worked thus.

Diag. 154.

Shadow Stitching 162

Diag. 155.

Laid Stitch (Italian or Arabian Stitch) is a beautiful method of filling large surfaces on firm materials ; this stitch is best done on a frame, and is particularly suited for working in gold or tinsel threads, wool or flax, or coarse silk. The surface to be worked is covered first with long parallel stitches close together, and these are crossed later at intervals by others at right angles to them, spaced wide apart, 1/2 inch to 1 inch, which are again couched down by a finer thread (Diag. 155).