Pcots. Small ornamental knotted stitches used in embroidery to decorate edges or borders, (a) Bullion Picot, founded on Bullion stitch. - Make a Bullion roll in the usual way. Draw the needle through the roll; twist the roll into a semi-circle on the border ; secure it with a firm stitch, (b) Buttonhole or Chain Picot. - A succession of Chain stitches twisted into a cluster. Make a Chain stitch as at (b), then another inside it, and so on for about six, keeping the chain loose. Turn them round into a cluster, securing to the border with a firm stitch. (c) Thorn Picot. - Place a pin in the border as at (c), pass the thread round the head and secure the loop thus made in position by a stitch in the border, bringing out the needle inside the loop. Hold the thread down with the left thumb. Insert the needle as in the illustration, under both the loop and the thread which is still held down under the needle point. Draw the needle through, thus fastening the Picot by a Buttonhole stitch, Withdraw the pin and proceed similarly.