A flat fell is used for the shoulder seam.

Selecting the Trimming for Undergarments The neck, the armseye, and the bottom may be finished in many different ways. Tatting, crocheted lace, ready-made lace, or embroidery beading and edging may be used.

The essential point to decide upon is the durability of the trimming. It must be strong enough to outwear the garment. Flimsy, cheap Valenciennes laces should never be used on undergarments which are intended for daily wear. If the selection of the trimming for the undergarment is not carefully made you may have:

1.  To spend a great deal of time each week in keeping your undergarments pressed. If you do not do it, some one will have to do it for you.

2.  If you have your undergarments laundered outside the home, you will have to pay more for laundering. The life of the garment is shortened, and after a few washings you will have to mend them and soon replace the worn-out lace. You will incur not only double outlay of money but also a great loss of time.

The best trimming for undergarments for daily wear is handmade, either tatting or crocheted edging. No cotton coarser than No. 70 should be used and the crocheting should be done tightly. If you do not have the time to make your own trimming, then buy either a good strong embroidery, on which the scallops are firm, or select a good Cluny or torchon lace made either of linen or cotton. Avoid Valenciennes; use this only on very fine materials.