Required Material

2 pieces of cardboard 3" by 5", 2 pieces of cloth 5" by 7", 1 piece of cloth 3" by 7", 2 pieces of white cotton flannel 3" by 5", thread, needle, and pins as for the sewing bag.

Cut through the center two pieces of cardboard 3" by 5", to secure four pieces 3" by 2 1/2".

Cut two pieces of covering 5" by 7".

Lay the material over one of these cardboard pieces, being careful to have the warp and the woof at right angles. Turn the edges over, miter the corners, and hold the material in place with pins. Then baste the corners and hold the edges down by criss-crossing threads from side to side.

Repeat this process on the other cardboard, leaving 1/4" space in the center.

Before applying the inside piece, take a 3" by 7" piece, turn the raw edge over, and baste this to the middle. Fold the edges over the cardboard, pin both the covers together, and join them with an overhand stitch. Hold the centers in place with 2 rows of running stitches 1/4" apart.

Cut 2 pieces of white flannel 3" by 5"; pink the edges or finish these with a blanket stitch and fasten the pieces to the cover. (See Fig. 1 C, Fig. 2 III.)