Required Material

2 pieces of material 3 1/2" in diameter, bran, sawdust, or vegetable hair for filling, needles and thread as for previous articles.

If the material used is not strong, line it with white muslin. Be careful to see that the warp and woof of both the outer and the inner material run in the same direction.

Run a basting thread up and down, and from side to side to divide the circular pieces into four equal sections.

Join the parts on the wrong side with a combination stitch, leaving an opening of l 1/2". Baste the raw edge down all around the opening.

Press the seam open and turn the cushion right side out. Fill it with curled or vegetable hair, sawdust, or bran.

After the cushion is well filled, overhand the opening.

Make a fancy stitch over the seam.

With a strong thread or embroidery cotton, divide the cushion into eight parts. Draw up the dividing threads so that the cushion looks like a pumpkin. (See Fig. 1 D, Fig. 2 II.)