Models 1, 2 (B), 3, 5; Doll's Apron - 6 (A), 7 (A), 8 (A) And (B), 9, 10; And Backstitch Design—11, 12 (A), 13 (A) And (B), 14 (A) And (B), 15 (A) (B) (C) And (D), 16, 17, 18, 21 (A) And (B)

Practice is given on small garments and articles for use. Feather-stitch and cross-stitch are taught on them. A set of doll's garments are made.


Illustration 50 (a). Fayal weaving enlarged.

Use Cotton Perle, No. 8 (Dollfus, Mieg& Co.), for weaving. Sew over and over the clusters of threads to form the cords and pass the needle inside the weaving to reach the next cluster when one is covered. Baste on oilcloth. Use a hoop and blunt needle.


Illustration 50 (b). Fayal weaving.

Pieces Required For One Set Of Models

Model 1 (Basting). Quarter Inch Dotted Calico, 4x7 In

Model 2 (Overhanding). Two Colors Of Calico, Each 2 X 4m. Two Pieces Of Cotton Each, 2 x 4 in.

Model 3 (Matched Edges Overhanded). Two Pieces Of Striped Calico Or Gingham, Each 2 X 4 Inches

Model 4 (Warp And Woof). Four Pieces Of Calico In Two Colors, Two Pieces Of Each, 21/2 In. Sq

Model 5 (Running Stitch). Striped Calico Or Gingham 5 In. Sq. Medium Unbleached Cotton, 21/2 X 6 In

Model 6 (Tucking). Checked Gingham, 5 In. Sq. Calico With Upright Designs, 5 x 8 in.

Model 7 (Hemming). Striped Calico Or Gingham, 2 X 4 In. Half-Bleached Cotton, 6 x 8 in.

Model 8 (Extension And Faced Hems). Two Pieces Half-Bleached Cotton, Each 5 In. Sq

Model 9 (Pillow Case). Half-Bleached Cotton With Selvedge, 6x65 In

Model 10 (Backstitching, Half-Backstitching, And Felling). Two Pieces Half-Bleached Cotton, 5 In. Sq., 21/2 X 5 In. Firm Unbleached Cotton, 5 In. Sq

Model 11 (A French Seam). Half-Bleached Cotton, 5 In. Sq

Model 12 (Gathering And Gauging). Same, 5 In. Sq., 11/2 In. Sq., 21/2 X 11/2 In

Model 13 (Plackets for Skirts and Drawers.). Same, 5 In. Sq., 1 X 41/2 In

Model 14 (Plackets For Dresses). Same, 5 In. Sq., 21/4 X 1 In., 21/4 X 11/2in

Model 15 (Button-Holes, Eyelets, Thread-Eyes, And Sewing On Tapes, Buttons, Hooks And Eyes). Firm Bleached Cotton, 2 X 6 In. Two Pieces Of Same, Each 2 x 4 in.

Model 16 (Bias And Corner Matching). Checked Gingham, 5 In. Sq

Model 17 (Overhand Patch). Two Pieces Same, 5 In. Sq., 4 In. Sq

Model 18 (Hemmed Patch). Two Pieces Same, 5 In. Sq., 4 In. Sq

Model 19 (Nightshirt Front And Shirtwaist Sleeves). Half-Bleached Cotton, 5 In Sq., 1 X 3 In., 21/2 X 3 In

Model 20 (Gussets). Half-Bleached Cotton, 5 In. Sq., 2 In. Sq., 11/2 In. Sq

Model 21 (Weaving On Cardboard And Darning On Stockinet). Cardboard And Stockinet, 2x3m

Model 22 (French Hem, And Darning On Table Linen). Canvas, 3 In. Sq., Quarter Inch Cord, 1 Ft

Model 23 (Chain, Feather, Herring-Bone, Kensington,). Butcher's Linen, 5 In. Sq

Model 24 (Slip-Stitch Or Blind Hem, Purl Edge Or Darning on Cashmere). Cashmere, 4 X 5 In

Model 25 (Blanket, Flannel And Cat Stitches). Two Pieces Of Flannel, 4 X 5 In., 2 In. Sq

Model 26 (Pupil's Name In Cross-Stitch). Canvas 2 X 5 In., Ribbon 1/4 Yd

Model 27 (Rolled Hems And Rolled Gathers). Two Pieces Of Long Cloth, With Selvedge, 2 X 4 In. Nainsook, 1 x 6 in., lace, 7 inches.

Model 28. Muslin

Model 29. Long Cloth

Model 30. Long Cloth

Model 31. Outing Flannel

Model 32. White India Linon Or Lawn



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Illustration 51. (a) and {b) Reed and raffia. (c) Reed (d) Raffia.