Scissors are principally made by hand, but the process of making depends somewhat upon the size. Those over six inches in length are called shears.

Scissors are first shaped from a bar of flat steel; the end for the handle or bow is flattened and punched with a small round hole, which is gradually opened upon the anvil.

The blade and joint of the scissors are then made with hammer and punch.

After softening, the shank and bow are improved by filing. The joint is squared, and the hole bored and fitted for the rivet.

The blades are then ground, smooth-filed, burnished, matched in pairs, and a temporary screw put in and made to walk and talk well, as it is called.

The blades are then bound together with wire, the rivet removed, and they are hardened and tempered. The wire is then removed, and the blades are ground into shape and fitted together ready for use.