A running seam is made by taking the needle in and out of the muslin, keeping the stitches and spaces the same length. It probably is so called because it is a rapidly made seam. It resembles even basting on a small scale.

Always sew below the basting.

Materials. - The materials required are: A practice piece cut one and a half inches from the last seam; sharp needles; red cotton; scissors; ruler or tape measure.

1.   Place the muslin together with the wrong side of each piece out.

2.   Keep edges and ends exactly even.

3.   Baste one-fourth of an inch from the edge with uneven basting. See Illustration No. 16.


ILL. 16. - Uneven Basting for a Running Seam.


Ill. 17.—Proper Position of the Work in Making a Running Seam.

4.   In sewing, hold the material between the thumb and the first finger of each hand. See Illustration No. 17.

5.   Do not use a knot.

6.   Leave a half inch of thread and begin the seam with two backstitches.

7.   Sew from right to left, taking the needle in and out at regular intervals.

8.   Sew directly under and close to the basting.

9.   Fasten the thread by taking two or three backstitches at the end.

10.   Mend the thread by drawing the old thread through to the wrong side, and by bringing the new thread up from the wrong side; go back over the last two stitches, beginning with a backstitch.