Write the answers to the following questions. If you answer all the questions correctly it proves that you understand this unit of work.

I. List six things that show how the up-to-date girl dresses in a more comfortable and healthful way than the old-fashioned girl. II. Questions about shoes and stockings.

1. How can you tell when a shoe is the right length for your foot?

2. Tell two things that may happen if you wear shoes that are too short.

3. What may happen if you wear high heels for a long period of time?

4. Draw pictures (1) showing a shoe with a well-shaped sole for a normal foot, (2) showing a shoe with a sole that would push the big toe out of place.

5. Tell two things that may happen when stockings do not fit properly.

6. What happens if the stocking is too tightly rolled? III. Choose the best phrase to complete each of the following statements. In each case, one answer is correct according to the things which you have learned in this chapter.

A. A cotton knitted undergarment is warmer than a cotton undergarment made of woven cloth of the same weight because:

1. It feels softer.

2. The material has many air spaces.

3. It is elastic and fits the body better.

B. Wool is a warmer fiber than cotton because:

1. It is a poor conductor of heat.

2. The sheep gives us the wool.

3. It feels thick and warm.

C. Cotton is good material for underwear in summer because:

1. It washes easily.

2. It is a good conductor of heat.

3. It is thinner than wool.

D. It is not wise to wear woolen underwear in winter when you do work which causes you to perspire freely because:

1. It is too warm.

2. It scratches and irritates the skin.

3. It absorbs the moisture and dries very slowly.

E. Two light-weight garments are warmer than one heavy garment because:

1. Of the layer of air between the garments.

2. Two garments are heavier than one garment.

3. Heat from the body cannot pass through two materials as easily as through one material.

F. Underclothing should be changed frequently because:

1. It absorbs perspiration and oily secretion.

2. It looks soiled and untidy.

3. It is harder to launder when it becomes very dirty.