Bedroom Slippers


2 skeins Germantown yarn (color desired).

1 skein Germantown yarn (white or contrasting color).

1 pair slipper soles (size desired).

1 bone hook.

Thread No. 60.

Needle No. 5.

Introductory Statement

It is quite important that everyone should have some kind of footwear that can be easily slipped on when it is found necessary to walk about the house after the shoes have been removed. This is necessary not only to provide comfort, but also to safeguard the health.

Yarn slippers with soles of soft wooly material will be found very warm, comfortable and easy to slip on. During extremely cold weather they will serve as slumber slippers to keep the feet warm in bed.

The slippers shown in this lesson are easily crocheted; the combination of two contrasting colors makes them very attractive.


Book of the Use of Yarns. Horstman Co., Philadelphia. Art in Needlework, Day. Manual Arts Press.

Suggestions For Optional Modification

Suggestions For Optional Modification 79

Bed Slippers

No. 1. These slippers are made from bath robe material; outing flannel may be used. A stocking may be used as a pattern cutting the slippers considerably wider at the top for the material will not stretch like a stocking.

Infant's Bootees

No. 2. These are crocheted from white Saxony yarn, trimmed with crocheted rows of pink yarn.

Bedroom Slippers

No. 3. The body of these bedroom slippers is crocheted in the same manner as directed in this lesson. The tops are finished with, crocheted beading and scallops; bands of elastic run through the beading hold the slippers on the feet.

Bedroom Slippers

No. 4. These slippers are made almost the same as the slippers described in this lesson, the top being finished with a scalloped edge. The ends of the crocheted strings are finished with tassels.

Working Directions For Crocheted Slippers

Preparing Material

The crocheted slipper in this lesson consists of rows of double crocheting which are gradually increased in length from the toe to the top of the instep, and crocheted half this width in a straight strip long enough to fit around the back of the foot and join the instep of the slipper on the opposite side. It is important that you buy the slipper soles the proper size before crocheting the slippers as the top should be fitted to the sole while crocheting.

Crocheting The Body Of The Slipper

For a No. 5 slipper sole crochet 13 chain stitches (Chap. II, Par. 155) (a smaller slipper will need fewer chain stitches, but they should be uneven in number). Turn over the work and double crochet (Chap. II, Par. 157), in each chain stitch. In the seventh chain stitch make two crochets (this begins to widen the slipper). Continue double crocheting to the end of the chain. Turn over the work and double crochet into the upper edge of the first row of double crochet stitches, putting in two stitches in the double crochet at the center of the row. Continue working back and forth making rows of double crocheting in this manner, increasing the row with one extra stitch in the center each time until you have reached the top of the instep (about 5 1/4").

Begin to make strip to fit around foot as follows: On the last row, working from right to left, crochet up to the center only of the last row of double crocheting. Turn over the work and continue crocheting rows of double crochet until you have a strip long enough to reach around the back of the slipper sole to the edge of the instep. Fasten to the row of double crocheting on the end of the instep by laying the two edges together and drawing the slip stitches through the stitch on the edge of each. This forms the body of the slipper.

Crocheting Collar Of Slipper

The collar, or rolled over portion of the slipper should be made of yarn of a contrasting color. To make it, crochet a chain of stitches 2" long. Turn the work and make a double crochet in each chain stitch; continue making rows of double crocheting back and forth until you have a strip long enough to reach around the opening in the top of the body of the slipper.

Laying the long edge of this strip on the inside of the top edge, the ends being even with the center of the instep, slip stitch (Chap. II,

Par. 156) the two edges together; fasten the bottom ends of the collar together about 1/2" with slip stitches. This makes the collar lit more closely around the ankle. Turn the slipper wrong side out and overhand it on the inside edge of the slipper sole to the tape provided for that purpose along the edge. Turn the slipper right side out.

To Make The Pompon

Wrap yarn, corresponding with the yarn in the collar, around three fingers of the left hand about 12 times. Slip it off the fingers and tie the strands together with another piece of yarn. Lay the ends of this piece in with the others and about 1/2" from the tied place, wrap the strands of yarn several times tightly, with white thread. Cut off the ends of the yarn where they are not tied about 1" above the thread. Rub the cut ends on the palm of one hand to make them fluffy. Make two of these pompons and sew them together at the closed ends, then sew them on the instep of the slipper below the front of collar.

Make the other slipper in the same manner as this one.

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