The care of the clothing between seasons is an important matter. Before clothing is laid away it should be very carefully brushed to remove all dust. Spots and stains (if there are any) should be removed and the clothing should be hung on a line exposed to plenty of fresh air and sunshine (unless the material is of such a nature that sunshine will damage it) in order to make sure that it is thoroughly clean before laying it away. Garments should be neatly folded and carefully packed away in drawers or boxes provided for the purpose. If one is fortunate enough to have a cedar chest, it will be particularly valuable in laying away the furs and woolen garments, for it will keep out the moths. Where one does not have a cedar chest, any tight fitting box may be used. A dry goods box or trunk will answer the purpose. Such a substitute can be made moth proof by lining it with tarred paper and putting some camphor gum or a few moth balls in with the clothing. Tobacco leaves are sometimes used for this purpose.

It is an excellent plan to remove garments from their packing occasionally and give them a thorough airing. The amount of attention given to the packing away of clothing will, of course, be governed somewhat by the value of the clothing, but any garment which is to be worn the following season should have careful attention.