Ones bedroom should be provided with a good roomy wardrobe. Sometimes such wardrobes can not be had. This, however, is no excuse for neglecting to care for ones clothing. The dresser should serve the purpose of caring for some of the garments. A large dry goods box can easily be supplied to suit the need; it can be fitted with shelves and hangers at almost no expense. If properly covered with cretonne or some other attractive material and fitted with curtains, it will serve the purpose of the much needed wardrobe and will not be unattractive in the room.

The laundry bag should have its definite place and should receive all soiled clothes immediately. Because clothing is on its way to the laundry is no reason why it should be abused. A soiled garment may be damaged by bad treatment.

Clothing when removed at night should be carefully folded or properly hung so as to keep it in good condition. Underclothes and in fact all garments that have been worn should be hung in such a way as to receive free circulation of air. It is not uncommon - particularly in a child's bedroom-to find the removed clothing either scattered about the floor or thrown in a heap, waiting to be worn the next day. Such treatment is not only very damaging to the clothing, but is detrimental to the health of the wearer.