Clothes Pressing Equipment 243

Home Pressing Outfit.

No special equipment is required to do home pressing. The work may be done on an ordinary ironing board, although a table will usually be found more convenient. If a table is used it should be protected with several thicknesses of cloth or blanket covered with a piece of muslin. It should be of sufficient thickness to form a pad. The accompanying illustration shows the work being done on an ordinary kitchen table. You will notice that a very large iron is used. Such a large heavy iron is particularly desirable, however, if you do not have one the small flat iron with which the family ironing is done will be satisfactory.

A good stiff clothes brush, a brush broom, a bottle of cleaning liquid and a pan of water constitute about all the equipment necessary. On the rear of the table in this illustration you will see a pressing board. This is especially desirable in pressing garments like coats and vests for it is convenient in working around the shoulders, the collars and the sleeves as explained in a following illustration. For the pressing cloth you should be provided with a large piece of heavy unbleached muslin or a piece of toweling may be used.