On every hand, we hear expressions relative to the high cost of living and the unusual expense of the things required in daily life. While this is true, yet there are many ways in which economy may be practiced without depriving one of real necessities. Our present high cost of living is due, almost entirely, to an over development of people's wants; their needs remain the same as in generations gone-by. It is a wise person who can determine between his needs and his wants and can adjust this matter in due proportion to his financial income. By giving some thought and attention to matters of clothing much of the so-called necessary expense can be saved. It is not uncommon in many homes to find garments discarded for want of a little repair, or simply because they are not made according to the latest fashion. It is also common to find excellent clothes badly abused. Children and young people in particular are often thoughtless about the matter of caring for their clothing. Hats and caps should always be hung up, rather than carelessly thrown in the first convenient place. Wraps and coats should be hung on suitable hangers. This is especially important if these garments happen to be damp.

Perhaps you have noticed a fine overcoat with an ugly hump and wrinkle in the back just below the collar, indicating that it had been hung on a hook or a nail. Suitable hangers for coats and skirts are not expensive, in fact they are often given with the purchase of the suit. They can easily be made, however, by taking a piece of wooden hoop 16" to 18" long, wrapping it with cloth, covering it with cretonne or some other attractive material, and providing a piece of tape for a hanger. Any number of such hangers can be provided with but little work.