Section I Deals with the most elementary processes of hand sewing. The lessons set forth in this section will be found suitable for sixth or seventh grade girls who have had no previous systematic training in sewing. Before undertaking any of the sewing lessons, each girl should be supplied with simple sewing equipment, such as needles, thread, shears, tape measure, thimble and some sort of sewing bag or box. The sewing materials may be brought from home or they may be purchased in bulk and passed out at school as the teacher sees fit. This is purely a local problem, but it is extremely necessary to have arrangements made whereby each girl may be satisfactorily supplied at the sewing period.

Each girl should be supplied with a text of her own in order that she may have the undisturbed use of it; each student should be required to read freely and to interpret for herself.

Before undertaking any of the actual work in sewing, the girls should be required to turn to the supplement and study carefully the correct and incorrect position, to make sure not to form any bad habits in their daily work. The different stitches and processes may be referred to, and studied as they are introduced in the making of the project.

It is advised that students who have had no previous training make their first selection from the early projects set forth in this section. As many projects from this section should be made as is necessary to acquaint the student with the elementary stitches set forth. It is not supposed that students should absolutely master all of the processes set forth before they are allowed to pass on to the next section. Success, speed and skill in sewing come only after long and careful practice.

If a student has acquired high ideals of excellence, and understands that each process must be executed to the very best of her ability before undertaking.another one, the particular processes covered by her work need not be a matter of deep concern.