BY the time the students have completed Section I, they should be pretty familiar with the most common forms of simple stitches, but skill and judgment in the application of even the most elementary processes come only with long practice. It is therefore advised that students be not allowed to pass too quickly from the elementary projects.

This section sets forth projects which call for a little more ability in actual sewing work; it also offers opportunity for wider exercises of individual taste. Students should be encouraged to study the suggestions for optional modification very carefully before undertaking any project. They should be expected to incorporate as many original ideas as possible in their work.

The home work recommended at the close of this section deals with just such problems as are continually arising in every home and the students should be expected to carry out this part of their instruction. Some of the undertakings recommended should be brought to school and done at the regular sewing period. However, if this is not desirable some plan might be devised whereby each girl could report on the work done at home and receive recognition or credit of some sort for such work.

Frequent references should be made to the supplement throughout the lessons of this section, for it is very important that early habits and practices be properly formed. The mechanical operations involved in the various details should gradually become less difficult, thus giving the students an opportunity to concentrate their attention in securing excellent results in their work as a whole.