The projects set forth in this section are a little more advanced than those of the preceding sections, but if students have given careful attention to the detail of the fundamental processes they will not find these lessons difficult.

While the projects are not arranged in absolute order of sequence of processes, and while they may not present a constant increase in difficulty, yet the order in which they occur will be found a very satisfactory way in which to take them up with the class. It is not the thought that each student should begin at the first of the list of lessons and complete every one in the section, but it is important that promiscuous selection, prompted merely by curiosity, should not be permitted.

The teacher who understands the strong points as well as the weaknesses of the students can best advise each one what lesson she should undertake in order to give her proper exercise of the ability already acquired, and lead her into new principles and processes in a consistent way.

This must not be interpreted to mean that the choice of the student is to be ignored, in fact the spirit of independent thinking must be encouraged. In each project will be found considerable latitude for the exercise and development of individual taste.

The paragraph references to the Supplement are continued and should have as frequent consideration as is necessary to insure formation of correct habits of work.