THIS section presents a number of modifications and developments of the elementary processes and principles set forth in the preceding sections. Students who have satisfactorily completed the work of the first half of this book, or its equivalent, should be sufficiently familiar with the fundamentals of sewing to be able to exercise considerable judgment, not only in the choice of projects to be undertaken, but also in modifying those projects and in incorporating original ideas and personal taste in the designs.

A very wide range of ideas is presented in the projects of this section in order to serve as a sort of review covering practically all of the different principles set forth thus far. It also gives an opportunity for considerable choice in projects, thus making it possible to appeal to the individual interest of every member of the class.

Some of the students may prefer to give most attention to the smaller projects which deal somewhat with art needlework. This section offers an abundant opportunity for that kind of work. The color study and design work of the art class should correlate closely with the sewing work.

Others may desire to take up the problems of garment making. The latter portion of this section deals entirely with that phase of the work introducing some of the elementary principles of the subject and employing them on garments which do not necessitate absolutely accurate use of patterns.

In order, however, to lead the student to the proper understanding of the subject of patterns and their functions, references are made to Chapter IV (Patterns And Pattern Drafting), and, even though the students may be using commercial patterns for the projects which they are making, they should turn to these references and acquaint themselves somewhat with the subject of patterns and how they are drafted so as to use them more intelligently.