Paragraph 113. Overcasting is a loose slanting stitch used to prevent raveling of edges. To make this stitch, trim off the material which is to be over-casted. This stitch is usually worked from left to right although some prefer to work from right to left.

Tie a knot in the thread, insert the needle from the underneath, about 1/4" below the edge of the material; bring it through to the right side, insert it again on the under side ahead of the first stitch the same distance as the depth of the stitch; bring the needle through and draw the loop of thread down until it lies smoothly, but loosely, over the edge of the material. See Figure 12. Continue this process. This will make the stitches lie at an angle across the edge of the cloth. The depth and width of the stitches will vary according to the width of the seams being overcasted.